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"The tremor mechanism, or shaking ability, exists in all mammals and humans, It is the body's most organic and natural way of unravelling and re-organising contracted or tight stress patterns in the connective tissue or fascia. The mechanism reduces the charge of stress hormones and un-healthy chemical build up, brining the body back to homeostasis and balance after any stressful event." 


I undertake this treatment of my own accord and accordingly indemnify TRE® LLC International, The TRE® Trainer and assistants from any harm, loss or damages of any nature, whether bodily harm, trauma or any other damages to my person or property resulting from the treatment, whether directly or indirectly.

By SUBMITTING the form bellow you acknowledge that you have read and understood the indemnity. You furthermore give consent that you have of your own choice chosen to engage in the TRE process.  

Personal Details

Past TRE Experience
Physical/Health Limitatin now and in the last 3 months
Do you have any chronic, ongoing pain that yo deal with on a regular basis? Describe waht activities case this pain and/ or make it worse?

Briefly, have you in the past endured trauma? Please specfiy physcal, emotional or other.

How do you currently deal with Stress in your life

Have you had any major surgeries, hospitalizations, accidents or ijuries? Please specify what, when & do you believe you have physically and emotionally recoevered from these events.

Do you exprience stress, panic, fear or trauma in your life? Where and how does it manifest? What makes it worse.

Have you practiced TRE in the past or done any TRE workshops or training.

Medication: Please advise of any medication you are taking including recreational drugs or alcohol

Do any of the following conditions currently affect you, or have in the last 5years
Are there any other health concerns not mentioned above, that are important to mention prior to performing the exercises?

Your content has been submitted

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