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"Inspired by hope. I am a man with a gentle, quiet and reserved nature.


Deeply introspective, I am a keen observer of human behaviour. After all, we are all such unpredictable creatures. 


I have been known to appreciate the humour in the many ironies of life, not least of all my own humanness that provides an endless source of self comedy.  


I come into my own in small intimate spaces.


My greatest ability is holding spaces of unconditional regard and complete acceptance with those who ask for it


Father of three beautiful children and husband to a strong, intelligent woman. Friend to several special people. Colleague to several inspirational minds. Companion to many inspirational clients."  

Core Values

Perosnal Priorities

  • Individual worth

  • Choice

  • Accountability 

  • Integrity

  • Kindness

  • Compassion  



  • Living in the present

  • Meaningful relationships

  • Knowledge and learning

  • A belief in the human potential to change, grow and find fulfilment.  

Guiding Principles 

  • Life has meaning and people matter

  • Pain and hardship can't be taken away. It can only be held and supported until the individual regains the strength to hold it within themselves.

  • The secret to healing resides within each indivdual. Unlocking the secret opens up prefered ways of being. As a healing companion together we will endevour to look in the right places and ask the hard questions.

  • Counseling is not about what others think should be done. It is about supporting you to decide what you are ready to do.

  • I can't remove the struggle of life. Through this struggle you will grow stronger and come to know yourself. What I can do is support you while you discover the inner strength to walk upright under life's load.

  • Health is not the absence of pain it's the ability to live in awareness of the pain without being controlled by it.  

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